UW+Amazon Science Hub

July 10, 2023

UW + Amazon Science Hub Career Panel Lunch & Learn

UW + Amazon Science is excited to host an on-campus lunch & learn session for graduate students to hear from a panel of Amazon Scientists discuss their career journeys as well as possible career pathways at Amazon.

UW + Amazon Science Hub Career Panel Lunch & Learn

Date: Monday, October 9th
Time: 12:30pm
Location: Zillow Commons (CSE2 402), Bill & Melinda Gates Center, UW Seattle Campus
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Amazon Panelists:

Dr. Cassie Meeker (she/her), Sr. Applied Scientist

Dr. Cassie Meeker is a Sr. Applied Scientist at Amazon Robotics, specializing in computer vision. She currently develops computer vision models for unboxed item storage and manipulation. Previously at Amazon, Meeker worked on package manipulation, leading her team’s efforts to scale perception models from 5 sites to over 200 sites. She also spearheaded efforts to develop computer vision models that would work for a variety of warehouse tasks at Amazon without needing retraining. Prior to Amazon, Meeker earned her doctoral degree from Columbia University, where she developed control algorithms for rehabilitation robotics and non-anthropomorphic teleoperation robotic hands.

Dr. Ariel Gordon (he/him), Principal Applied Scientist

Dr. Ariel Gordon is a Principal Applied Scientist at Amazon Robotics. He joined Amazon in late 2021, and has been working on various problems in the space of computer vision and machine learning in the service of warehouse automation. Before Amazon he worked 8 years for Google on various computer vision projects, the most notable one being the search feature of Google Photos. Ariel’s background is computational physics, with a Ph.D. in electrical engineering. 

Dr. Rahul Warrier (he/him), Applied Scientist III

Dr. Rahul Warrier is a Sr. Applied Scientist at Amazon Robotics, specializing in motion planning and robot control. He currently leads the development of state-of-the-art motion planning and control algorithms for robotic item storage and retrieval with a passion for driving automation of large-scale warehouse processes. In prior roles, he drove the grasp planning pipeline for the robotic package induction process at Amazon that now processes approximately 2 million packages per day, and also contributed to the launch of the Amazon Scout last-mile delivery robot. He earned his doctoral degree from the Ultra Precision Controls lab at University of Washington, where his research focused on inferring human intent in novice human-in-the-loop control tasks.

Amazon Host and Moderator:
Dr. Shoba Subramanian (she/her), Principal PM, University Partnerships

Dr. Subramanian enables cross pollination of research between universities and Amazon, helps build talent pipelines from universities, and empowers marginalized students toward STEM jobs. Previously, she was a Clinical Associate Professor and a Director at the University of Michigan (UM). At UM, she founded a Career and Professional Development Office with a robust infrastructure and curriculum, resulting in significant culture change via PhD and postdoc trainees’ transferable career skills education. Prior to UM, Subramanian was a faculty member and Assistant Department Head at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), where she led undergraduate, masters, and doctoral programs. Over the years, she has founded and taught several life sciences and professional skills courses, certificate program series, and workshops. She has advised thousands of trainees in many contexts. Between CMU and UM, she was recipient of awards and fellowships, including the National Science Foundation’s Innovation in Graduate Education grant. Dr. Subramanian earned her doctoral degree from CMU and trained as a postdoc at the University of California, San Francisco and at CMU.