UW+Amazon Science Hub

Gift-funded Research Projects

The Science Hub welcomes proposals from UW faculty and research scientists with principal investigator status. Under this funding mechanism, the Science Hub is looking for cutting-edge and exploratory projects for a period of one year. Researchers with approved proposals will receive seed funding up to $100k. Awards are structured as unrestricted gifts to the principal investigator. Each gift funded proposal will be subject to 5% assessment per UW Administrative Policy (APS) 36.2. Seed funding is meant to develop innovative basic or use-inspired research direction in one or more fields related to Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, including their societal impacts. Seed projects may have the potential for renewal for additional funding, or may lead to sponsored research funding with one or more Amazon units.

Call for proposals for databases and distributed systems

August 15, 2022

The hub is currently soliciting gift-funded research proposals with innovative approaches to designing, building, or operating large-scale database services or distributed cloud services with a strong data management component. Proposals should seek to advance the state-of-the-art in database management and distributed systems in the following topic areas: 

  1. Intelligent database services in which machine learning techniques are applied to optimize the configuration or operation of the system, including efficient resource management.
  2. Global database services where data is distributed and replicated in multiple regions of the world while the system ensures consistency, performance, and data sovereignty. 
  3. Correct database services whose design and operation includes formal methods, model checking, fuzzing, and other techniques for ensuring that the system performs according to a specification.
  4. Private and secure database services that incorporate homomorphic encryption, secure multi-party protocols, differential privacy or other techniques to protect data at rest while permitting complex queries.
  5. Real-time database services for predictive analytics where frequently ingested data feeds into continuous queries.

All UW researchers are welcome to apply. The application includes basic demographic questions, and requests an uploaded copy of your CV and a 2 to 4-page research proposal. The proposal should include a short description of the budget request of up to $100k for one-year. Awards are structured as unrestricted gifts to the principal investigator. Each gift funded proposal will be subject to a 5% assessment per UW Administrative Policy (APS) 36.2. No third parties should be involved in the projects. Per default, project results will be made available to the general public through publication and open source.

Proposal Deadline: October 2, 2022